"The Best Innovative Product in High-Technology Industry" Competition Prize Winners


The winners of Competition "The best innovative product in high-technology industry" were awarded on the final day of the Exhibition on April 16.

Companies specialized in development, distribution and engineering of vacuum, cryogenic and other types of equipment were the competitors.

The following newly-designed products have been recognized as the best ones:

  1. VAT Series 59 DN16CF High-Vacuum Leak Valve with a step motor and an integrated controller (VAT Vakuumventile AG Company)
  2. twistorr 84fs Turbomolecular Pump (Agilent Technologies)
  3. Unit designated for sample testing for integrated effect of operating factors in space conditions (Federal State Independent Educational Institution of Higher Education "National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University")
  4. Izofaz-03 MVU TM Unit (Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing OJSC)
  5. GHS-VSD+ Screw-Type Vacuum Pump with variable-speed drive (Atlas Copco JSC)
  6. PHOENIX L300i Leak Detector (Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum)
  7. Nika 2013 MN Sputtering Deposition System (Laboratory of Vacuum Technology, Ltd.)
  8. Elevator-Type Electrical Furnaces SEVF-3.3/11,5-IZMb-NITTIN, SEVF-5.5/11,5-IZMb-NITTIN, SEVF-3.3/11,5-IZMf-NITTIN, SEVF-5.5/11,5-IZMf-NITTIN for oil quenching (NITTIN SPE LLC)
  9. VSE-PVD-DESK-PRO Desktop Magnetron Sputtering Unit for application of metal and dielectric coatings (Vacuum Systems and Electronics LLC)
  10. STE75 Multipurpose Compact Molecular-Beam Epitaxy System (SemiTEq JSC)  

The following newly-designed equipment have been also awarded with diplomas:

  • Vacuum Plasma Unit for modification of product surfaces and application of functional coatings (Federal State Independent Educational Institution of Higher Education "National Research Tomsk State University")
  • А330.88 Thermal Degassing and Seal Test System (MSH Techno LLC) 
  • Portable Helium Leak Detector (Vactron LLC)
  • COLDION Cold-Cathode Ionization Gages (VACOM GmbH)
  • UVN OPM Optical Coating Vacuum Deposition Unit (OKBM-TO LLC)  
  • isoflux Material Magnetron Sputtering Cylindrical Sources (Kurt J. Lesker Company)


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