We invite you to visit the booth of "Carbosil" company


The company produces products from carbon-carbon composite materials (CCM).

 We invite you to visit the booth of
The production was established in 1989 on the basis of scientific and practical developments in the technology of carbon-carbon composite materials production for application in electrothermal furnaces for single-crystal silicon growth by Czochralski method.
UKM developed and produced by the company have also found application in other productions:
- heat treatment of metals;
- high-temperature soldering;
- powder metallurgy;
- aviation industry;
- chemical industry.
      The technology is based on densification of the carbon matrix with pyrolytic carbon from the gas phase until the desired properties of the finished product are obtained. Viscose-based carbon materials with a pretreatment temperature of at least 2200 °С are used as the carbon matrix. Such materials include yarns, harnesses, fabrics, felts, which are molded to the size of the manufactured products. Also products of different extrusion grades of graphite are used as a matrix.
The technology is implemented on the equipment of own design and in comparison with the existing analogues allows to reduce considerably the terms and cost of manufacture of UKM products. At the same time the performance characteristics of the final parts are sufficient for the application in different industries. UKMKM products manufactured by the enterprise are widely used both as heat-insulating equipment for vacuum furnaces (UKMT brand) and as force-bearing structural parts with the possibility of operating in aggressive environments and at temperatures up to 3000°С (UKMK brand).
Depending on the operational requirements, this technology makes it possible to produce composites made of UKMK with specified properties, such as:
- specific electrical resistance,
- thermal conductivity, strength,
- density.
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