VacuumTechExpo 2023 is an effective platform for showcasing functional developments and solutions


The 17th International VacuumTechExpo, a key event for manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum and cryogenic equipment, was held from 11 to 13 April at VDNKh in Moscow, where exhibitors showed advanced developments and high-tech equipment for solving production and knowledge-intensive problems.

VacuumTechExpo 2023 is an effective platform for showcasing functional developments and solutions
This year, the volume of the exposition increased by 38%. 50 companies from Russia, China and the Republic of Belarus demonstrated the industry's latest technical solutions in vacuum and cryogenic technology. More than 1,440 specialists responsible for the procurement of vacuum and cryogenic equipment, technologies and materials in the Russian market visited the exhibition.
Erstvak, Vakuummash,, VLS-Engineering, CPVT, NPK Eoms, Laboratory of vacuum technologies plus (LVT+), Katod, Polus im. M.F. Stelmakh, Solberg, High Vac, BLM Synergy, Electro Vacuum Technologies, Leifikon Vacuum Service, Carbosil, Laser Components, Thermionics, NPF Progress, Skontel, Cryotrade Engineering, AvtoGazTrans, Cryogenics - this is by no means a complete list of VacuumTechExpo 2023 participants who presented technologies for vacuum generation and measurement, as well as components for vacuum technology and equipment.

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Vakuummash, one of the largest vacuum equipment manufacturers in Russia and the CIS, is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The VacuumTechExpo 2023 was a special event in the life of the company as part of the milestone. "We decided to celebrate the anniversary by expanding the range of our serial equipment and new products on the stand. This will further enhance our image and, accordingly, attract more customers," said Artur Kapustin, Deputy Commercial Director of Vakuummash.
The Vakuummash stand accommodated screw pumps, turbomolecular pumps, spiral pumps and other types of pumps, ranging from small laboratory-scale installations to space simulation systems. For example, visitors were able to see live the design of a pump like the one at the Vostochny launch site and give feedback on its technical characteristics and configuration.
The Erstvak company brought to the exhibition a wide range of vacuum equipment: high-vacuum and industrial. These are the most complex and rare systems which Erstvak specialists assemble to order according to individual requirements.
Most interest among visitors to the Erstvak stand was generated by high vacuum test equipment and high-vacuum system pumps. "By offering custom made and complex technical solutions at the fair we are showing how the company is moving forward. Five people approached us at our stand with complex enquiries, which is not a bad result. The project works like word of mouth, so these 5 people will turn into 25," Aleksandr Zdarov, technical specialist at Erstvak, commented on the effectiveness of participation in VacuumTechExpo.

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Many VacuumTechExpo exhibitors are regular partners and customers for each other. For example, LVT+, a manufacturer of small-scale vacuum coating systems, has a long-standing partnership with Applied Electronics, purchasing a radio frequency plasma generator for the coating of geometrically complex parts. By combining the generator with their own products - a microwave generator and an adapter - LVT+ produces a unit that helps the plasma settle in the created field. This field can be adjusted in plane and kept from flying apart.  
"In one day at the booth, we received 17 requests for TOR, eight of which are hot," explains Marina Kovaleva, assistant marketing director at LVT+. - The company is also faced with the challenge of producing equipment on time, and in order not to wait for some part from abroad, we go to an exhibition where the Russian suppliers and manufacturers we need are available."
Skontel, Cryotrade Engineering, AvtoGazTrans, Cryosystems, Cryogenic Equipment and other companies provided an opportunity for the target audience to get acquainted with various types of cryogenic equipment.
"For us, the exhibition is a promotional tool, advertising, and demonstration of opportunities through the products on display. Our target audience is 100% here", says Andrey Vasyutinskiy, sales engineer at Cryosystems, a supplier of vacuum equipment for scientific research, whose customers are mainly research institutes working with pure vacuum.
The company exhibited unique equipment made to MIPT's specifications - a chemical vapour deposition system, a ready-made solution for spraying topological insulators.

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The Katod plant, which produces night vision devices and electron-optical converters, presented at its stand a wide range of pumps that meet the needs of completing ultrahigh vacuum units. Representatives of medicine, space industry, nuclear physics, electronics industry and other fields related to microelectronics were actively interested in the products of the plant.
"It is important for us to demonstrate to our target audience the Russian manufacturer of equipment for ultrahigh vacuum and meet leading industry specialists. The exhibition helps us to solve these tasks, that is why we always participate" (Pavel Nechayev, deputy head of testing and implementation site of Katod).
VLS-Engineering participated in the exhibition for the first time in order to expand its sales volume and open up new market niches, and presented at its stand an ultra-high vacuum chamber up to 10-12 mbar, which was made for a customer project.
A total of more than 15 new companies joined the exhibition in 2023, including: "Aktan Vacuum, Carbosil, Cathode, Cryogen Assembly, Laser Components, Scontel, High Vac, AutoGasTrans, Scientific Equipment, VLS Engineering, Dongsheng M&E Tech Co, Xinlei Compressor Co, Acme and others.
Equipment for application of functional coatings capable of repeatedly increasing mechanical life-time of the product was exhibited by Applied Electronics, Ferry Watt, Quartz, Izovac, WTT, BelRosVac, Aktan, Pinch, Dongsheng M&E Tech Co. and other participants.
Established by a group of young scientists in the field of ion-plasma technologies, Pinch is making a name for itself in the market with its own developments: the company brought a magnetron for thin-film production to the exhibition. Year after year, the device has been a success at VacuumTechExpo, attracting the attention of representatives from research institutes, research laboratories, the electronics industry and private specialists in the field of thin-film technology.  
 "The exhibition helps us to improve our equipment and get ideas for new developments, – says Andrey Kaziev, director of science and innovation at Pinch. - For example, in response to a customer need from the last exhibition, we added a magnetic fine-tuning system to the magnetron, brought the upgraded version to the exhibition and are presenting it in the 'Best Innovative Product' competition".

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The business programme of VacuumTechExpo 2023 was attended by 54 speakers, including top executives of the relevant companies and corporations.

The XVII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Vacuum equipment, materials and technologies" and the XIII contest "The best innovative product in the field of high technology" were held as part of the business programme of VacuumTechExpo 2023.
The sections of the XVII Conference covered three scientific subjects:
  • Vacuum technologies and equipment.
  • New technologies for thin film formation. Techniques and research. Technological equipment.
  • Nanotechnology and biotechnology
A collection of papers indexed in the RSCI will be published based on the results of the conference.

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On the first day of the business programme (11 April), the strategic session "Development of R&D/innovation activities in companies, topical digital tools of cooperation with research institutes, universities, and technological start-ups" was held, organised by the iR&Dclub.
The speakers at the session were: Andrey Polozov-Yablonsky, Advisor to the General Director for Innovative Development, Aeroflot-Russian Airlines PJSC; Alexander Kashirin, Deputy Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council, Rostec; Alina Akinshina, General Director of Online Patent LLC; Anton Armyaninov, Head of the NATT National Open Innovation Window digital platform and others.
The speakers offered practical solutions to topical issues related to increasing the efficiency of competitive search and selection of innovative proposals when organizing R&D activities within a company.
In the "Best Innovative High-Tech Product" competition, the participants presented their advanced developments and successfully implemented technological solutions in the field of cryogenic-vacuum installations, equipment and technologies.
The winners of the competition included such companies as Baosi, Pinch, AvtoGazTrans, Vakuummash, VLS-Engineering, Cryogenemontage, Cryogenics, NPF Progress, Applied Electronics, Ferry Watt, Scontel, Hayvac, and Erstvak.
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The business programme was held with the support and active participation of the Academician S. A. Vekshinsky Russian Vacuum Society.
The 18th International VacuumTechExpo will take place on April 9-11, 2024 at VDNKh. Join the vacuum community and showcase cutting-edge developments and technological solutions.

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