How to get the most out of participating in VacuumTechExpo 2024?


Participation in an exhibition is one of the most powerful tools to promote your company on the market. The quality of your work at an exhibition depends to a large extent on careful preparation for the exhibition, the attractiveness of your stand, the work of your staff on the days of the exhibition and the correct handling of the contacts you receive.

How to get the most out of participating in VacuumTechExpo 2024?
VacuumTechExpo 2023 was visited by 1,440 specialists from 54 regions of Russia and neighboring countries, 94% of whom made decisions on purchasing products. The audience of visitors to the exhibition is constantly renewing - 58% of the total number of specialists in 2023 visited the exhibition for the first time. But in order to get the most out of exhibiting at an exhibition, many things have to be considered.
That's why the VacuumTechExpo team has prepared brief information for you on effective participation.
1.          Use the resources of the exhibition
Exhibiting at the show allows the organizers to include you in a mailing list of 360,000+ e-mail addresses of potential visitors, publish announcements and press releases mentioning your company through 35+ media partners, and publish your company news on the show website.
2.            Conduct a pre-show campaign
Of course, organizers are engaged in attracting targeted visitors to the exhibition, but to the exhibition as such, not to a particular stand. Therefore, increasing the attendance of your stand is in your hands. You can use paid and free tools for this purpose:
Free Paid
- Place an exhibition banner on your website with an invitation to visit your stand.
- Publish news about your participation or exhibited products in social networks and on your website.
- Mailings to your partners and customers with an invitation to visit your stand.
- Sponsorship opportunities: status assignment; logo placement on the guidebook, ticket, website; navigation and advertising on the territory of the exhibition; advertising and pr-materials with mentioning.
- Ordering additional advertising on the site or in the information channels of the exhibition.
3.            Formulate the objectives
The main objectives of participation in the exhibition, of course, are to attract new customers, increase sales, improve the image of the company. With the correct formulation of tasks, careful preparation of standers and active work of the personnel at the exhibition, you will not only recoup the cost of participation, but also attract new customers and retain old ones.
4.            Design the exhibition space
Submitting an application for participation ̶ well, but that's half the battle.  It is important to design a stand that is attractive to visitors. To do this you need to: select and confirm the location on the exposition plan, the area and the construction. You can order the construction from the organizer, or engage a third-party contractor. But please note that the third-party builder must be accredited. It is important to be responsible for the design and appearance, so take care of additional furniture and necessary technical connections.
5.            Actively demonstrate your products
- Demonstrate product features - give visitors the opportunity to interact with your products.
- Sign samples and specifications. In this way, visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the exhibits, study its properties and discuss details with you.
- Impeccable appearance. Make sure your exhibits look good.
- Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Determine what is of most interest to them. What is important to them? What causes fears and doubts? Present the products from their perspective.
- Talk about accomplishments. Show pictures of completed projects, how the staff works, customer testimonials, publications about your company in print media, certificates, letters of appreciation, awards, etc.
6.            Select the right personnel
The result of work at the exhibition directly depends on the work of personnel at the booth. Visitors remember the exhibitor thanks to communication with the company's staff. For any company the goal is sales and customers. But many companies make a serious mistake by sending a marketer to the exhibition. But a marketer ̶ not a salesperson. For quality work at the exhibition you need to have a whole range of competencies; in addition to active sales skills, you need a deep knowledge of products, target audience, competitive environment, and the state of affairs in the industry. An exhibition is a test of professionalism, a responsible "public performance" several days long. Do not treat the selection of exhibition personnel according to the principle "a booth attendant is someone who is not needed in the office at the moment". Send the best employees to the exhibition.
7.            Handle contacts right away
You should not put off processing the contacts you receive. Large companies start processing contacts during the exhibition. Questionnaires collected on the first day of work, the next day are already transferred to the office and on them send commercial offers and calls. With active processing of contacts during the exhibition and a few days after the exhibition you will get an advantage over your competitors.
We hope that this information will help you systematize your preparations for VacuumTechExpo 2024 and maximize your performance on the show floor.
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