Products from carbon-carbon composite materials of Karbosil company

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Carbosil specializes in the development and production of carbon-carbon composite materials (CCM) and products from them.

Products from carbon-carbon composite materials of Karbosil company
Carbon-carbon composite materials developed by the company are used for heat treatment of metals, high-temperature brazing, in powder metallurgy, as well as in the aviation and chemical industries.
UUKM products produced by Karbosil are widely used both as heat-insulating equipment for vacuum furnaces and as structural parts carrying force load with the possibility of operation in aggressive environments and at temperatures up to 3000 °С.
In addition to UUKM products, the company produces:
  • graphite products of various grades (there is its own fleet of high-precision machines for mechanical processing);
  • monocrystalline silicon by Czochralski method for application in electronic and optical industry, as well as for solar energy;
  • electrothermal furnaces for growing monocrystalline silicon using the Czochralsky method;
  • machines for transverse and longitudinal cutting of silicon ingots.
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