VacuumTechExpo 2024 is over! See you again!


Dear exhibitors and visitors! Thank you for your interest in the 18th International Exhibition of Vacuum and Cryogenic Equipment VacuumTechExpo 2024.

VacuumTechExpo 2024 is over! See you again!
On 11 April, as part of the VacuumTechExpo exhibition, an award ceremony for the winners of the Best Innovative Product-2024 competition was held.
The next VacuumTechExpo will be held from 15 to 17 April 2025 at Expocentre, Pavilion 5. See you soon!
Here is a photo report of the third day of the exhibition:
vte1104_1.jpg vte1104_2.jpg
vte1104_3.jpg vte1104_4.jpg
vte1104_5.jpg vte1104_6.jpg
vte1104_7.jpg vte1104_8.jpg
vte1104_9.jpg vte1104_10.jpg
vte1104_11.jpg vte1104_12.jpg

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