VacuumTechExpo 2024: Exhibition Results and Participant Feedback

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From the 9th to the 11th of April 2024 the 18th International Exhibition for Vacuum and Cryogenic Equipment, VacuumTechExpo, took place at Expocentre in Moscow.

VacuumTechExpo 2024: Exhibition Results and Participant Feedback
This year, the exhibition featured 53 companies from Russia, China, and Belarus. VacuumTechExpo was attended by over 1,500 specialists, with 57% of them visiting the exhibition for the first time. The visitor geography encompassed the leading industrial regions of the country and included representatives from companies in Belarus, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Chile.

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The target audience of the exhibition comprised executives and specialists responsible for purchasing vacuum and cryogenic equipment, technologies, and materials — representatives of research institutes, specialised trade enterprises, engineering and instrument-making enterprises, aviation, and aerospace industries. 55% of visitors were executives, deputy executives, and department heads.

As part of the business programme, the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Vacuum Engineering, Materials, and Technology" took place, with over 200 attendees and more than 50 industry experts delivering presentations.

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Traditionally, the exhibition hosted the "Best Innovative Product-2024" competition, where 18 winners were selected based on the innovative solutions deemed most promising and significant for the development of vacuum and cryogenic equipment manufacturing.

Exhibition Exposition and Participant Feedback

The majority of exhibitors showcased their products in three main sections of the exhibition:
"Vacuum Equipment," "Cryogenic Equipment," and "Equipment for Functional Coatings Application".
At VacuumTechExpo 2024, companies such as OEM Tech; EPOS-Engineering, LLC; NPO Gelikon; NPO "GKMP" Research and Production Company; Center for Technical Support "Science"; Savtech; LLC "RDE "Factory of MDU"; Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, and Engineering and Production Center EMS presented their products for the first time.

Exhibitor List

The Factory of the modular degassing units, "RDE "Factory of MDU", from Novokuznetsk, a debutant at the exhibition, showcased its new development — a rotary vacuum pump (RVP). Alexey Chelpanov, the project manager for RVP production, noted the active interest of visitors in the company's products: "Many complimented our team — after all, we started producing what had been imported for decades. Our innovative product is the rotary vacuum pump. We are exploring new sales areas, which is why our company is here at VacuumTechExpo. The exhibition was successful for us."

NPO Gelikon also participated in the exhibition for the first time. Sales manager Anastasia Basova shared her impressions: "We are thrilled! Last year we visited the exhibition as attendees, and now we are participating for the first time. We are here to find clients and get acquainted with competitors, and it worked out for us."

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Pinch is a regular participant in the VacuumTechExpo exhibition. The company's CEO, Alexander Tumarkin, praised the quality of the visitor audience and shared the exhibition's success: "The audience was focused — everyone came for business. We just wanted to showcase our developments this year, but we ended up signing several contracts. So, the exhibition was more than successful for us."

Tatiana Kviloria, director of the Belarusian company OEM Tech, another debutant at VacuumTechExpo, considered the exhibition a convenient tool for identifying market needs: "It's our first time participating. We realised that this is our exhibition within two days. Our task was to determine if the market is interested in our new product. It turns out there is demand. I believe the exhibition was quite successful for us, and we will definitely participate next year."

Business Programme

As part of the business programme of VacuumTechExpo 2024, the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Vacuum Engineering, Materials, and Technology" took place. The conference was partnered with the Russian Scientific and Technical Vacuum Society named after Academician
S.A. Vekshinsky. The conference focused on technology of vacuum acquisition and the latest achievements in vacuum physics, including surface treatment methods; on creation of promising materials and coatings using nanotechnologies and biotechnologies; methods for monitoring the tightness of vacuum systems, as well as the application of vacuum and cryogenic technologies in scientific research and high-tech industries.

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After the sessions on the venue of VacuumTechExpo ended, the conference continued its work at
the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Speakers at the event included representatives from professional associations, government structures, research institutes, higher and secondary technical education institutions, as well as manufacturers of vacuum and cryogenic equipment.

In 2025, VacuumTechExpo will take place from the 15th to the 17th of March at Expocentre in Pavilion 5, halls 1, 2, and 3.

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