Innovative Vacuum Technology at VacuumTechExpo 2017


From 11 to 13 April 2017, the 12th International Exhibition of Vacuum Technologies VacuumTechExpo will be held in ECC Sokolniki in Moscow. The organiser of the event is ITE Group that holds a leading position in the Russian exhibition services market.

Today the vacuum equipment and technology are one of the promising areas both from the scientific perspective, and in terms of the application of its achievements in industry. A wide range of capabilities of the vacuum equipment are used in metallurgy, machine engineering, automotive engineering, food industry, medicine, electronic engineering and many other fields. The vacuum equipment and technology are of paramount importance in physics and space research.

VacuumTechExpo is the only international exhibition of vacuum equipment, technology, technic, and materials, cryogenic equipment as well as equipment for the applying functional coating in Russia.

For over ten years, VacuumTechExpo has been the most important industry event that contributes to improving the efficiency of the Russian industry by promoting high-technology vacuum equipment and innovative vacuum technology in strategical sectors of economy.

This year, there are 68 exhibitors from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia, the USA, China, Korea, and Great Britain. Twelve companies chose VacuumTechExpo as a marketing tool for promoting their products in the Russian market for the first time: they are Russian and foreign production companies and distributors.

Innovative solutions for the vacuum and cryogenic equipment have been traditionally displayed at the exhibition.

Intek Analitika will present the new turbo-molecular pump nEXT 85 from Edwards at its stand. In addition, the company will present the spiral pump XDS35i and the turbo-molecular pump STP. The presentations will allow having a look not only at the configuration of the pumps and their technical characteristics, but also seeing the cut-away equipment.

Vacuummash, JSC will organise at their stand the exposition “Diffusion Vacuum Pumps. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow”, where it will present the samples of the pumps developed by the company in different periods: the pumps manufactured by the plant in the last century, the pumps that are being manufactured in batches, and the new exclusive models of diffusion pumps being developed by the company nowadays.

SPF Progress will display the self-designed dry spiral pump. The company plans to manufacture pumps of different capacities, i.e. 150, 250 and 500 L/min.

ZENCO PLASMA will present several new products at its stand. They include a test vacuum chamber, innovative spiral pumps, vacuum meters with the function of data transfer using Wi-Fi, a new series of turbo-molecular maglev pumps, a desktop magnetron sputtering set, a desktop plasma stripping set.

Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies (Beams&Plasmas) will demonstrate its updated small-size high-capacity commercial set Nika 2013-500 with a horizontal chamber, which is available in two versions — MT for magnetron etching of conductive and dielectric layers, and PSO for sputtering of multilayered coats onto the cooled substrate.

Cryotrade Engineering will tell specialists about the new line of helium filler cryostats, the distinctive feature of which is a large space for cooled elements inside the radiation screen with the temperature of liquid nitrogen.

SMC will present its updated line of high-vacuum pneumatically driven valves XLA/F/C/G.

A number of companies will present their new products at their stands: Ulvac (a number of presentations dedicated to the Japanese equipment), Buhler (the presentation of the equipment from Leybold Optics), Burkert (the presentation of mass flow meters and mass gas flow regulators, proportional, electromagnetic, and cryogenic valves) and Eltochpribor (the presentation of a compact controller with a sensor display to control the electronic gas flow regulator).

The general sponsor of the exhibition is Intek Analitika.

The sponsor of the exhibition is Vacuummash.

The exhibition is supported by Russian Vekshinski Vacuum Scientific and Technical Society.

Business Programme

Alongside the exhibition, the XII International Scientific Technical Conference “Vacuum Equipment, Materials, and Technology” will be held, where specialists will discuss relevant issues and prospects of development of the vacuum industry, exchange their experience in applying the modern vacuum and nanotechnology-based equipment. The conference will have 6 thematic sessions:

  • Vacuum technology and equipment
  • New technologies for thin-film formation. Research methods. Process equipment
  • Nanotechnology and biotechnology
  • Vacuum technology and aerospace complex
  • Cryogenic and cryovacuum equipment
  • Vacuum-levitation transport systems — the session dedicated to this theme will be held this year for the first time. Specialists will be able to exchange their expert opinions about the scientific justification of technical and technological requirements for vacuum-levitation transport systems, which will certainly be used soon on the transport of the future, equipped not with wheels, but a maglev system.

On 13 April, the winners of the annual competition “The Best Innovative Hi-Tech Product”, which is aimed at popularising the advanced inventions of Russian companies and aiding in their promotion and further application for production, will be awarded.

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