New section of the conference “Vacuum Equipment, Materials, and Technology” (1)


The conference “Vacuum Equipment, Materials, and Technology” that is traditionally held in the framework of the exhibition VacuumTechEx will be dedicated to the discussion of the matters related to the development of vacuum-levitation transport systems.

The territory scale of Russia and neighbouring countries, the length of their potential lines urge to look for new ways of improving speed characteristics of the transport. The need for, and the benefit of, creating the transport moving at the speed divisible by 1000 km/h are being increasingly discussed by the global scientific community.

Today the only solution to the problem of increasing the speed of the rail transport to such values is to replace the wheel/rail system with the magnetic levitation system and to substitute the environment with the artificial one, in which the aerodynamic resistance of the transport will be minimal. At the moment, the scientific justification of technical and technological requirements for vacuum-levitation transport systems is an issue of importance.

The discussion will be held on 12 of April at 3.45 p.m. in Conference hall, pavilion 2.

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