Post release for VacuumTechExpo 2018


On 24–26 April 2018, ECC Sokolniki hosted the 13th International Exhibition of Vacuum Technologies VacuumTechExpo in Moscow. The event was organised by ITE Group and supported by the Russian Scientific & Technical Vacuum Society named after Academician S.A. Vekshinsky.

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Over three days of its work, more than1885 professionals from 47 Russian regions and 17 foreign countries visited the exhibition. The comprehensive development strategy of the exhibition attracted professionals representing research institutions and manufacturing enterprises, and ensured an increase in the number of subject matter professionals attending the exhibition to look for goods and services for their businesses.
This year, 69 companies from 8 countries participated in the exhibition. The list of exhibitors includes the leading Russian and international manufacturers and distributors of hi-tech vacuum and cryogenic equipment: MSH Techno, BLM SYNERGY, Busch Vacuum Russia, VACUUMMASH JSC, Cryosystems Group of Companies, Dana Engineering, ZENCO PLASMA, ERSTVAK LLC, INTECH ANALYTICS JSC, Leyficon Vacuum Service, Polarlight, Bühler Leybold Optics, QUARTZ JSC, LVT+, Sigm plus engineering, Ferry Vatt JSC, RU-VEM LLC, etc.
The exhibitors’ stands displayed vacuum pumps, leak detectors, space simulation systems, vacuum gauges, pressure transducers, vacuum fittings, thin-film evaporators, semiconductor products, vacuum furnaces, cryopumps, cryotraps and coolers, and vacuum equipment.
Izovac presented its innovation IZOLAB – a small-batch production and research system. The system is intended to produce high-vacuum thin-film coatings by magnetron sputtering.
The list of first-time exhibitors included Polarlight – a manufacturer of spectroscopic ellipsoids and other equipment. The company’s stand displayed solutions for non-destructive control of surface properties, thin-film structures, semiconductors, dielectrics based on spectroscopic ellipsometry. Patented solution RU2474810 makes it possible to manufacture ellipsometers for measurements in a wide spectral range (130+2500nm)
Patented solution RU2638092 makes it possible to take measurements with a time resolution up to 100 msec.
Historically, Intech Analytics has served as the General Sponsor of VacuumTechExpo and Vacuummash – as the Sponsor of the exhibition. For the first time this year, the exhibition was co-sponsored by Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems.
The business programme of the exhibition included the 13th International Scientific Technical Conference: “Vacuum Equipment, Materials, and Technology”. During the conference sessions the participants discussed topical issues and development prospects of the vacuum industry and heard 49 reports.
The total number of participants amounted to 50.

On the third day of the exhibition an awarding ceremony was held for winners of the contest: “The Best Innovation Product in the Area of High Technology”. The ceremony was opened with a welcome address by Sergey Nesterov, President of the Russian Scientific & Technical Vacuum Society named after Academician S.A. Vekshinsky.
Prizes were awarded to the companies that were declared the winners: Vacuummash, Zenco Plasma, Izovac, Intech Analytics, Cryosystems, Millab, Progress Scientific Production Firm, Russia, ElecTrade-M, and Vacom.
The following companies were awarded the contest participant certificates: Dongband Plantech, ULVAC, Leyficon Vacuum Service, and Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing (NIITM).  
On the last day of VacuumTechExpo 2018, by invitation of Sergey Nesterov, President of the Russian Scientific & Technical Vacuum Society named after Academician S.A. Vekshinsky, the event was attended by Alexander Kaleri – a Russian cosmonaut who made 5 space flights with a total duration of 769 days, co-author of The Space Observations of the Earth.

In 2019, the 14th International Exhibition of Vacuum Technologies VacuumTechExpo will be held on 16–18 April in Pavilion 4, Sokolniki ECC.

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