KOREA VAC-TEC Co., LTD. (VTC) will take part in VacuumTechExpo 2019!


KOREA VAC-TEC Co., LTD. (VTC) was established in 1987 as a vacuum application equipment manufacturer with high competitiveness and an excellent technological basis KOREA VAC-TEC Co., LTD. (VTC) is the leader of vacuum equipment with full automatic control system and has had a lot of experience to fulfill the demands of user already.

The main products now include
- Ion Implantation System(50K eV, 50 mA)
- Vacuum Evaporation System for Optics
- Vacuum Evaporation System for Metal Thin Film
- Vacuum Ion ARC System
- Sputtering System for R&D
- In-Line Sputtering System
- Vacuum Drying / Impregnation System
- RF Ion Source- End-Hall, Anode Layer, Linear Type Ion Source

All products are extensively used in the optics, electronic, building material, plastic, metal, electric power, IT, automobile, metallurgy and other industries. As a result, KOREA VAC-TEC Co., LTD. (VTC) has received a high reputation from our customers all over the world. The company  has established a stable relationship of good cooperation with customers from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, China, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, etc.

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