Shenyang Geowell Applied Technology Co., Ltd. will present vacuum equipment at VacuumTechExpo 2019


Since 2002, Shenyang Geowell Applied Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of oil free scroll machinery including oil free scroll vacuum pump, oil free scroll vacuum compressor, oil free high vacuum system, oil free vacuum system fore line gas filter and oem service to the customers.

Shenyang Geowell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.  offers the gwsp, gwsps, and gwspl series oil free scroll vacuum pumps, gwspc oil free scroll vacuum compressors, gwsc oil free scroll compressors, gwms and gwrs series oil free vacuum (high vacuum) systems, gwmmk series major maintenance kits, gwts series tip seals, gwt series oil free vacuum system fore line gas filter and supply oem services to customers around the world from automotive, electric power, aerospace, semiconductor, scientific research, analysis, pharmacy, food, and environmental protection fields. in order to provide oil free scroll vacuum pump and compressor with the advantage of clean vacuum, high performance, high reliability, environment protection and energy save, Geowell developed a whole series patent proved technology and special know how in design, manufacturing, assembly, and inspection. Geowell owns a series patents and special know-how in oil free scroll machinery, a rich experience team in r&d and processing, high precision machining tools, and a comprehensive performance test system in oil free scroll machinery manufacture. HTB1LHGMo0rJ8KJjSspaq6xuKpXaW-(1).jpg
Product's quality and safety control are certificated with ISO9001 quality control management system and CE product safety control management system. Shenyang Geowell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.  oil free vacuum pumps and compressors are widely recognized and trusted by users around the world, we believe the integration of high performance and high reliability of oil free scroll vacuum pumps and compressors will bring the highest value.

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