Nika-2012-500 MN and Nika-2014 PHT units at VacuumTechExpo


Laboratory of Vacuum Technology, Ltd. (Beams&Plasmas) will present two new systems: modified magnetron sputtering unit Nika-2012-500 (with enlarged camera) and air-lock compact unit Nika-2014 for plasma-chemical deposition and etching.


NIKA-2012-500 unit is a complete functional analog of UVN-71 series units with a 500х400 mm cylindrical chamber. It can be used for magnetron and thermal deposition, ion etching and plasma-chemical processes. It has four positions for installation of process units such as magnetrons, thermal evaporators, ion sources and plasma generators. Capacity: max. 15 substrates of size 60х48. Dry pumping-out is based on cryogenic or turbomolecular pump.

Nika-2014 series units are compact air-lock plasma-chemical units designed for etching and deposition processes in high-density plasma environment. The working chamber O350х300 mm includes RPG-250 RF plasma generator. A cooled or heated table with helium heatsink, a magnetic system of special configuration providing uniformity of processing ・% on 200 mm diameter. Laboratory of Vacuum Technology, Ltd. (Beams&Plasmas) designs and manufactures serial units of a wide application range as well as an extensive line of vacuum process devices. It upgrades any vacuum equipment.

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