PRESS RELEASE of VacuumTechExpo 2019 exhibition


The 14th International Exhibition of Vacuum and Cryogenic Equipment VacuumTechExpo will be held in Moscow

The Exhibition will be carried out on 16 – 18 April 2019 in ECC Sokolniki, pavilion 4. Over 50 participants will present the products of more than 80 brands of vacuum and cryogenic equipment for industrial and high-tech purposes. The Intech, Vacuummash, and Millab companies will sponsor VacuumTechExpo 2019. The exhibition is organized by MVK (International Exhibition Company).




VacuumTechExpo will demonstrate the state-of-the art solutions in the field of vacuum technologies for scientific research and R&D; equipment and instrumentation used in aerospace, automotive, machine building, radio-electronic, machine-tool, oil and gas, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, wood processing, food processing, and other industries. The exhibitors will offer visitors a wide choice of vacuum pumps, vacuum electronic devices, vacuum furnaces, vacuum fittings, cryogenic equipment, equipment for applying functional coatings and leak detection.


The companies from Russia, Germany, USA, Sweden, China, Korea, Slovakia and other countries will participate in VacuumTechExpo. Among them there will be INTECH ANALYTICS, VACUUMMASH, MILLAB, SOLBERG, UH VACUUM, ULVAC, CRYOSYSTEMS, BLM SYNERGY, DANA ENGINEERING, IZOVAC, NPO GKMP, BUSCH VACUUM RUSSIA, LEYFICON VACUUM SERVICE, BAUMAN MOSCOW STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, CCS SERVICE, NTO, FERRI VATT, ERSTVAK, ACME, and many others. Participating in the exhibition for the first time will be ANGARA, FGROUP, KOREA VAC-TEC, LINE TECH INC., SIMUWU.


The INTECH ANALYTICS company will present the EDS dry screw pump series. It features two modifications: chemically resistant and industrial designs developed specifically with consideration for peculiarities of the complex and hard industrial processes.


A modernized line of the rotary vane vacuum pumps 2NVR - 10D, 2NVR - 20D, 2NVR - 30D for industrial production and scientific research will be shown at the JSC VACUUMMASH stand. Additionally, the visitors will be introduced to the updated line of spiral pumps NVSp (and the flagship model NVSp - 60) and the innovative line of diffusion pumps featuring the ejector stage ND - E with the increased capacity, which is designed to become a new competitive product on the domestic and international markets.


The Agilent Technologies leak detectors are presented at the MILLAB stand. Reliable and easy to use, they do an excellent job in laboratory ultra-high vacuum installations and large-scale industrial facilities. Agilent Technologies is the only manufacturer of helium leak detectors independently developing and manufacturing all components thereto, comprising a wide range of products from evacuation system to mass spectrometers.


At VacuumTechExpo 2019, the ATLAS COPCO company will exhibit various types of compressors and generators, equipment for the preparation of compressed air, construction equipment, industrial tools, and assembly systems. The company also provides service maintenance and supply of spare parts.

A series of compact and high-performance fore-vacuum dry screw pumps ULVAC LS will be presented at the ULVAC stand. The series features four models with pumping speeds of 120, 380, 600 and 1,000 m³ per hour, operating in the range starting from atmospheric pressure up to 0.1 pascals. The ULVAC LS pumps have no abradable sealing, and do not contaminate the vacuum chamber with either traces of lubricant or with fluoroplastic particles.



BUSCH VACUUM RUSSIA will present the latest vacuum solutions for all applications, specifically, the new series of dry claw vacuum pumps Mink MV. The Mink MV pumps allow saving of up to 60% of total operating costs compared to the traditional vacuum generators. Visitors to the Busch stand will also learn more about the COBRA series screw vacuum pumps used to create compression without the working fluid in order to prevent cross-contamination of process gases and working fluid.


Business Programme


The extensive business program will be organized for the visitors of VacuumTechExpo 2019. All events will be carried out in a comfortable conference hall, integrated into the exhibition. The opening ceremony followed by the plenary session will be held on April 16 at 11:00 a.m. in the ​​business events area.


On April 16 and 17, the exhibition will become the venue for the conference “The Development of Innovative Technologies. Vacuum Technology and Materials.”  The agenda of the conference comprises the following sessions: vacuum technologies and equipment, new technologies for thin film formation, nanotechnology and biotechnology, vacuum technology and the aerospace complex, etc. The round table meeting “Priorities and vectors of the industrial technology development and prospects of vacuum and cryogenic equipment production in Russia” will be held on April 16.


This year, for the first time, in addition to the traditional scientific part, the framework of VacuumTechExpo will include the plenary session devoted to research and production cooperation and infrastructure for development of innovative technologies, and the panel session on the application of vacuum technologies in research and production and industrial enterprises.


As part of VacuumTechExpo 2019, the 10th anniversary contest for the best innovative product will be held among companies engaged in the development, distribution, and engineering of vacuum, cryogenic and other equipment. The contest is intended to popularize the innovations of the Russian enterprises, and to assist in promotion and further application in production. INTECH ANALYTICS, MILLAB, Izovak, ULVAC GmbH, Atlas Copco, Dana Engineering, Cryosystems, Busch Vacuum, OKBM-TO, FERRI VATT, and ElecTrade-M will participate in the contest. The winners will be awarded on the third day of the exhibition.


The business program and contest are organized with the support and active participation of the Russian Scientific & Technical Vacuum Society named after Academician S.A. Vekshinsky.


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