The Ministry of Communications gave a forecast for the market for new manufacturing technologies


The volume of the Russian market for solutions based on new manufacturing technologies will almost triple in 2024 - up to 147 billion rubles from about 50 billion this year, the document says on the website of the Ministry of Communications.

The roadmap for the development of “end-to-end” digital technology “New Manufacturing Technologies” was approved by the Presidium of the Commission on Digital Development and the Use of Information Technologies.


New production technologies mean a combination of new approaches, methods and processes that demonstrate rapid development. These include "digital counterparts" - a digitized version of the production process or products, "smart" production, and others.

“The volume of the Russian market of solutions based on new production technologies in 2024 will amount to 147 billion rubles. The average annual growth rate in Russia is 21%,” the document says. In 2019, according to the schedule presented, the volume of the Russian market is about 50 billion rubles.

According to the authors of the roadmap, the volume of the global market for solutions based on new production technologies in 2024 will amount to 613.4 billion dollars. The average annual market growth rate in the world will be 8%.

The table presented in the document indicates that the development of new production technologies in the Russian Federation by 2024 inclusively will require 33.085 billion rubles from the budget and 46.808 billion rubles from extra-budgetary financing.

It is expected that by 2024 the number of high-tech enterprises from priority industries of the Russian Federation that use the technology of developing "digital doubles" of products will increase to 100 from the current 3. The number of users of the development platform of "digital doubles" by this time will increase to 2.5 thousand from 250 as of 2019.



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