BelRosVak is exhibitor of the VacuumTechExpo 2020 exhibition



The main activity of the BelRosVak company is the development and manufacture of equipment for vacuum-plasma processes, the performance of work on the profile of the enterprise on the orders of consumers, the provision of services to private and legal entities in the field of vacuum spraying technologies, the modernization and repair of any vacuum installations:

  • For applying diamond-like coatings
  • For applying hardening coatings
  • For optical coating
  • For functional coatings.

The company is ready to offer the development and manufacture of not only vacuum equipment, but also its individual components: ion sources, magnetrons, arc evaporators, electron beam evaporators, etc.

The enterprise is located in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus.


We invite companies to participate with a booth at VacuumTechExpo 2020.

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