Agilent TwissTorr 84FS pump was recognized as the best innovative product


The winners of Competition "The best innovative product in high-technology industry" were awarded at VacuumTechExpo on April 16. New high-vacuum pump TwissTorr 84FS from Agilent Technologies has become one of the winners.

The Competition in which the latest novelties and achievements of vacuum and cryogenic equipment are demonstrated has been already held for the tenth time. This year Agilent Technologies presented the latest model of turbomolecular pump line TwissTor in the Competition. This model is the flagship of Agilent vacuum pumps.

TwisTorr 84FS belongs to the series of small turbomolecular pumps with capacity up to 70 l/s. Two Agilent innovative technologies that have already proven themselves well in TwisTorr 304FS pumps are used at its development: patented molecular stage TwisTorr and Agilent Floating Suspension (FS). These technologies developed by Agilent allowed reducing weight and length of rotor while preserving high pumping characteristics of the pump.

2.jpgUnparalleled compression rate by light gases at significantly more compact molecular stage of the pump is achieved in Agilent turbomolecular pumps thanks to TwisTorr technology. As a consequence power consumption and heating is minimized in TwisTorr 84 FS pump and it is one of the most compact pumps among analogs.

Agilent FS floating suspension system allows reducing noises and vibration as well as providing optimal operation mode of bearings. Thanks to this technology the service life is increased, downtime is minimized and stable vacuum pumping is ensured for the whole service life of the pump. Unique dry bearings used in TwisTorr 84 FS pumps allow avoiding use of lubricants and maintenance as well as installing the pump in any position.

The new pump was presented at the stand of Millab being Agilent authorized 4.jpgdistributor. Agilent Technologies expresses gratitude to Millab for development of business in Russia.

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If you want to know more about advantages of Agilent TwissTorr 84FS turbomolecular pump please contact Millab, Agilent authorized distributor.

Tel: +7 (495) 933 71 47 (ext. 141 or 176).

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